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Facilitator To-Do Lists

  1. WM-CSPD Facilitator to-do List - WM-CSPD sponsored events

  2. Facilitator to-do - OPI Renewal only- Click here if WM-CSPD is ONLY providing OPI renewal for your event

  3. Click here for our stipend form for CSPD trainings

Contract Information for Presenters

Directory of Professional Development Providers

Montana’s CSPD Regional Coordinators and Regional Service Area Directors are putting together a directory of Professional Development Providers.

This directory will provide the Coordinators/Directors with information about professional development providers in Montana (others outside Montana are also welcome to apply), your areas interests, and how to contact you.  This directory will be available for Coordinators/Directors when they are asked about persons who can provide PD for onsite, regional, or statewide trainings. Your information will be confidential and used by the CSPD Coordinators and the RSA Directors for each region.

To become a member of the Professional Development Directory of Providers:
1) Create an account on the Montana Professional Development Portal,
2) Click the box at bottom of page 1 that says Instructor
3) Complete the information on page 3 - Instructor information. 

Below are the OPI Evaluation Implementation levels and forms for each level