WM-CSPD is a force for change that promotes high quality professional development opportunities & supports communities of lifelong learners to achieve successful outcomes for ALL children and youth

WM-CSPD Promotes:

  • Relevant, job embedded professional development
  • Connected, responsive assistance
  • A collaborative, community effort
  • Sufficient & flexible financial resources

Services Provided:

  • Professional development to an individual district or small group of districts to address needs that have been identified through the Five-Year Comprehensive Education Planning process or other needs assessment processes;
  • Identify and make available high-quality professional development, that can serve the needs of a broad cross-section of districts; and
  • Providing, through a regionalized approach, a vehicle for the design and delivery of state professional development initiatives, including Indian Education for All.

We also Provide:

  • Scholarships
  • Professional Development Mini-Grants
  • On-Site Workshops
  • Professional Development Event Coordination
  • Online Professional Development Resource Directory