MT Professional Development Portal

Resources for Using the Montana Professional Development Portal

This webpage is designed to be used as a resource for users of the Montana Professional Development Portal in one of two ways. 
1) Basic System Use- Those using the website for registration purposes can earn 1 OPI renewal credit through viewing the webinar and completing the assignments on Part 1 Basic System Use.
2) Instructors/ Facilitators- can earn up to 4 OPI renewal units from WMCSPD by completing Parts 1,2, and 3 of this webinar.     It can be completed over time as you create
, facilitate, and assign credit to courses on the MT PD Portal.  It can also be used as a resource/ reference.

f you wish to receive credit, you will need to register for the course on the MT PD Portal (see information below), complete the assignments listed below and submit the FINAL ASSIGNMENT to verify you have completed the tasks to help you become familiar with the site.

Part 1: Basic System Use (see below)
Part 2: Course Request

Part 1: Basic System Use

BASIC SYSTEM Webinar- 39 minutes

  •  Click to  download or view video
  •  SHARE-  If you have Dropbox- click share and enter your dropbox email address to view the video
    •  Click DOWNLOAD download it to your computer. (this may take a while to download... be patient!)

BASIC SYSTEM Tutorials (Written Directions)
Click to View or Download:

1.1 Create an Account- Tutorial

1.2  Course Registration- Tutorial

1.3 My Records- Tutorial

1.1 Create An Account

View webinar from beginning to 18:55

and/or Review Tutorial 1.1 Create an Account

Assignment #1  Click on FAQ on home page and explore to see what is available.
Assignment #2  CREATE OR UPDATE YOUR ACCOUNT- log into website, either create your account OR go to MY RECORDS and review your data to be sure your information is complete.

    • PERSONAL INFO tab- check to be sure all info is correct- If you wish to have your name included in the Directory of Montana Professional Development Providers, check the Instructor tab on the bottom of the page and complete the data on the INSTRUCTOR tab
    • CONTACT INFO- be sure info is correct. It is often useful to have more than one phone number where you can be reached in case of course questions or cancellations.
    • INSTRUCTOR tab- complete if you’d like to be included in the Directory of MT PD Providers

       Don’t forget you can use the helpicon on any page to get help.

1.2 Course Registration  

View Webinar from 18:55 to 33:20

and/or Review Tutorial : 1.2 Course Registration

Assignment #3: Practice using some of the SEARCH FUNCTIONS mentioned... also review the help icon if you have questions about specific pages.

Assignment #4: Go to COURSE REGISTRATION and register for course #3636 “2014 Montana Professional Development Portal Instructor Training

  • Note: as an instructor- if you want to receive credit for the course, you must also register for the course.

1.3 My Records

View Webinar from 33:20 to end

and/or Review Tutorial 1.3: My Records

Assignment #5: - Go to MY RECORDS and review the following features

  •  View MY COURSES:check out these features
      ( to view course detail/ information you are registered. Note what is included in the course detail.)
    • EVALUATION: If you have a course that you have not completed the evaluation for, click the Eval icon and complete the evaluation
    • CANCEL- note the Red X to cancel a course (note that courses can be cancelled up until the day before the course begins.  After that, the course remains on the participant’s record as a NS (no show) and if there is a registration fee, the participant is responsible for that registration fee. (This info is included in the Course Confirmation Email)
    • REPORTS Check out the different types of reports available
      • Attendance Certificate- these will be available when evaluation has been completed.
      • Course Attendance summary- shows courses you have taken through the portal
      • OPI Renewal Certificate-  these will be available when evaluation has been completed.  Print OPI certificate for a course you have completed.

CONGRATULATIONS!  You have completed Part 1!  

If you are am instructor/ facilitator please complete Part 2 and 3.

If you are a user (and not an instructor)  and would like to receive 1 hour of OPI renewal - CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE THE ASSIGNMENT

Click here to go to Part 2: Make a Course Request

Click here to go to Part 3: Instructor/ Facilitator Tools